Who I am

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 09.00.36I’m Gwyneth Jones (aka Gwen), and I believe that reconnecting with ourselves, each other and nature is key to transforming the world. I created this podcast as a labour of love after spending an inordinate time listening to other podcasts, and yet not finding much in the ‘relationships’ space apart from ‘advice’ for heteronormative, monogamous couples. I wanted to create something that looked at connection through various lenses – philosophical, scientific, psychological, historical, – and other fancy-sounding words like that.

I studied my MSc in Applied Positive Psychology in 2015 and became an Emotional Intelligence Coach & Practitioner in 2019 with Six Seconds – click here for my coaching website!. I work with people who want to change the world, and to prepare – practically and emotionally – for the coming changes to society, the environment and the world, through coaching, the Work That Reconnects, mindfulness, nature connection retreats, and online courses to help people tap into their inner resilience and wisdom.

I have also studied Radical Honesty, Non-Violent Communication and spent time volunteering in peacebuilding organisations. I am passionate about: human connections, understanding ourselves better, creating a better world in which people communicate more effectively, improving ourselves and our relationships, and learning and exploring new ideas, which is why the podcast was born.

In The Way We Connectwe explore a different idea in each episode relating to human connections – romantic, platonic, familial, financial, social, and everything else.

My co-host for episodes 1-7 is Lis, who was born in Illinois, and grew up Minnesota. Her life in the Midwest inspired her connection to homegrown punk and hip-hop influences. This music and lifestyle inspired a sense of rebellion, freedom, human rights, social justice, and empowerment. Lis is a proud feminist, therefore she believes in the political economic, and social equality of the sexes. She is a passionate writer, traveller, journalist, teacher, and pursuer of adventure. She is in love with discovering new ideas, old beautiful things, places, people, images, and passions.